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Case Study - Paramus Chevrolet Paramus Chevrolet logo FULL STUDY

We were able to trim our budget down with no impact to sales momentum.

Clarivoy’s data helped us make decisions about our vendors by showing us where we were getting the best value. We had more confidence in our decisions, the data helped justify the change.  READ MORE »

We have more confidence in your third-party attribution than with my vendors in-house studies.

That’s what makes you guys unique. READ MORE »

Case Study - Ron Marhofer Ron Marhofer Auto Family logo FULL STUDY

Case Study - Person and Partners Person & Partners logo FULL STUDY

We are never ones to rest on our laurels.

Persons & Partners is a full services automotive advertising agency that focuses on conversions and not conventions.  READ MORE »

Overall, dealers saw a 20% decrease in cost per conversion for on their sites.

"With the addition of data, this dealer was able to identify 11,390 conversion events that happened on the site in addition to the original 103 reported by Google Analytics at a cost of only $.56 each.” READ MORE »

Case Study - FULL STUDY

Case Study - Germain Motor Company FULL STUDY

I really like what our newest partner is doing with our spend.

“I really like what Clarivoy is doing to help us optimize our spend. We have been able to determine not only which channels perform well but also which creatives, shows and dayparts.”  READ MORE »

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