Auto dealers typically rely on Google Analytics to help them understand the impact of their digital ad spend. However, Google Analytics is set up to give 100% of the credit to the last click (which is typically Google).

Based on last-click metrics for conversion events only on their site, dealers could be over-investing in search marketing tactics – causing them to leave opportunity on the table by not investing in other profitable channels.

Conversions attributed to increased by 41%, with a 29% decrease in cost.


We partnered with to help dealers see before the last click to truly understand the consumer path to purchase – whether it be a conversion event on the dealer site or – and the true value of their digital spend. More than 100 dealer customers were set up with Clarivoy’s Web Traffic Attribution solution to gain a holistic view of their digital marketing efforts for two months.


20% Decrease in
Cost / conversion
$0.56 Cost / conversion
11,390 Conversions

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