CASE STUDY: Germain Motor Company


Germain had to rely solely on ratings to tell them what part of their TV spend was the most effective. They needed a better way to link offline advertising with Germain website traffic in order to optimize media buys and ultimately drive sales.

Germain Motor Company owns 16 dealerships in Central Ohio, Michigan and Florida. Due to TV’s reach and scale, it remains a very important tool in their marketing mix. In fact, 83% of all auto buyers visit a dealer’s website before they visit the actual dealership and 53% of those buyers say they were influenced to do so by television commercials. So like most dealerships, Germain still allocates a significant portion of their budget to television advertising.

Clarivoy helps us optimize our spend.


Germain utilized Clarivoy’s TV Analytics platform to analyze which elements of their TV advertising were the most efficient and effective. Clarivoy’s proprietary software and attribution algorithms allowed Germain to compare the results of various networks, programs, dayparts, days of the week and creative to determine the most efficient media mix over a period of several months for many of their dealerships.


19% Increase in Attributable
Site Traffic
29% Decrease in
Only $0.51 Per conversion


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