CASE STUDY: Ron Marhofer


Every dealer wonders if they get the most from their money. This question is no different for the Ron Marhofer Auto Family.

The Ron Marhofer Auto Family includes GMC, Buick, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Genesis, Hyundai and Nissan stores and sells roughly 1,000 vehicles per month. When looking to answer questions regarding which vendors play a role in selling cars the Marhofer Auto Family looked to Clarivoy to provide trusted, independent monthly audits.

We have more confidence in your third-party attribution than with my vendors in-house studies.


Using Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution tool to monitor and measure performance, the team at Marhofer discovered there were cost efficiencies to be had when comparing their third-party automotive partners against each other. The “Clarivoy Average” is a unique feature that allows Clarivoy customers to compare themselves and their vendors across Clarivoy’s customer base.


The "Clarivoy Averages" helped fuel a 10% reduction in their monthly package
helping them save $100,000 annually.


Multi Touch Sales Attribution


To read more about Ron Marhofer's results, download the printable PDF

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