08/19/19 - 08/21/19

Join us at DIGITAL DEALER 27

Digital Dealer is where top dealers go to get ahead of the technology curve, delivering the largest array of industry speakers, peer to peer opportunities, and exhibit hall offerings – all carefully designed to impart groundbreaking strategies.

Mandalay Bay, LAS VEGAS August 19 - August 21

Clarivoy’s Founder & CEO, Steve White, will be speaking Tuesday, August 20 from 3:30-4:20 PM in the Mandalay Bay K room.

A Better Way to Measure Paid Search — Optimize Your Paid Search Campaigns by Creating Metrics That Embody 100% of Car Buyers

Averages for paid search are constantly changing and being justified as the new metric of choice. The time on site we wanted in 2012 is different today in 2019. The bounce rate that was acceptable before mobile became the predominant traffic source was radically changed with new customer behavior. Even leads, which used to be a dependable metric for effectiveness, are dropping every year. Are there any quality metrics that stay constant or are we forever doomed to chase the metric dragon?

In this session, Steve White will guide you through the jungle of metric mania and together you’ll arrive at a new era of marketing that isn’t based on vanity metrics but rather the only real constant variables in automotive marketing…customers and cars. Steve will provide an overview of the value you can still get from current best practices around metrics, but also add new and better approaches to marketing that isolate buyers from viewers. Prepare to stretch your current way of thinking, this isn’t yet another ‘increase your paid search budget’ talk, instead, you’ll likely find ways to decrease your budget in paid search.

Primary Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how most metrics that today’s dealers use apply to 98% of non-buyers, and identify what common traits 2% of traffic (buyers) have.
  • Understand why it’s better to optimize audiences versus keywords.
  • Recognize how much money your dealership is currently wasting in paid search.

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