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While some things and some people thrive on certainty, major growth is generally found when something is exposed to volatility, randomness and disorder. Sometimes it’s necessary to blow up the status quo in order to effect real change, and real results. How can dealers do this and how do they know the outcome will be better than the status quo?

If you find yourself thinking…

“If I could just get 1% more traffic conversion…” or “I need more leads.”

Then Antifragile Marketing will work for you.

Primary Learning Objectives:

  • Change your mindset to proactively seek out the unknown and give your marketing a greater chance of success. Typically, dealers are happy with their marketing results when they are able to achieve the same results their peers do. This mentality is based on focusing on what is known. If you have ever asked a vendor’s sales representative for their results at a similar dealership then you’ve already fallen prey to this logic.
  • Set yourself up to benefit from uncertainty and chaos. Shocks and stress to the status quo can significantly improve your results. Discover how to best use your resources to strengthen your marketing and prepare for unknown problems.
  • Learn the various forms of testing and analytical techniques you should use to judge the results of your experimentation. Once you’ve adopted a “chaos” mindset and are comfortable throwing out “tried and true” marketing techniques and throwing in proclaimed “silver bullets,” you’ll need to understand the tools available to help you determine the impact chaos had on your results.

Make sure you attend Ben’s session on Tuesday, February 13, 2018: at 9AM to discover why the status quo is dangerous and leads to inefficient marketing spend.

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