Multi-Touch Sales Attribution FAQ

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What is fractionalization within Multi-Touch Attribution?

We fractionalize credit across all touchpoints using a proprietary attribution model ensuring all traffic driving sources receive proper credit​.

How Does Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution Solution Work?

Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution Dashboard allows our clients to view a consumer’s full purchase path, sorting and ranking the true influence of each channel’s contribution – paid search, display, email, third party auto, organic search, social, cross family, video, Tier 1 and Tier 2.

What is Multi-Touch Attribution?

Multi-Touch Attribution is an advanced analytics methodology that tracks a series of customer touchpoints through the sales cycle and assigns credit to each. There are several types of multi-touch attribution models including: Linear, Time Decay, Parabolic, Algorithmic (Data-Driven).

Why should I use Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution solution?

Because we aren’t an automotive digital marketing agency, we can provide independent, unbiased analytics. We don’t have any skin in the game with regards to which channels come out ahead.

What is a touchpoint?

A touchpoint is when a customer was exposed to a marketing effort. (whether they responded or not)  (i.e., they got a direct mailing, they opened an email, they saw a TV spot).


Getting Started

What data do I have to share with Clarivoy to optimize my results?

Our Sales Attribution analysis of your business depends on the completeness of data we receive about your customers during the purchase funnel. Vendors vary in the amount and quality of data they provide; we can recommend vendors in each category who provide the most attribution-friendly data. We recommend using the following sources:

Sales Records, Chat Records, Inbound Phone Call Logs, Third Party Auto Leads, Website Lead Forms, Digital Marketing (Paid Search, Social and Display), Email Reports, Direct Mail Marketing, and CRM Data



Who do I contact if I have questions about the service?

If you have questions, please contact Clarivoy with your question by email at


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