Month: October 2018

Nebraska dealership uses Clarivoy software tool to help sort through the marketing channels that customers take before visiting one of the group’s 20 locations.

October 11

Omaha, Ne (October 11, 2018) - As customers swarm third-party vehicle shopping sites, dealerships often cast a wide net with their marketing dollars to make sure they aren't missing out.

A dealership group in the Great Plains has found a way to fine-tune that spending and emphasize the online channels where its customers are surfing.

Since July 2017, Baxter Auto Group in Omaha, Neb., has been using a software tool that helps it sort through those marketing channels that customers take before visiting one of the group's 20 locations in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado.

It has enabled the retailer, which sells about 40,000 vehicles annually, to maximize its marketing spend and cut costs.

"We are able to cancel third-party lead providers that provide no value at a much more rapid rate," said Julia Doria, Baxter's chief marketing officer. "We're making decisions based on what are the sources that are selling us vehicles and are having a highly influential impact on the shopping behavior of our consumers."

Data from a dealership's customer relationship management system, which are often used to make such marketing decisions, can provide a limited view of what's happening behind the scenes, said executives from Clarivoy, the Columbus, Ohio, digital marketing company behind the tool. In a typical CRM system, the first website a customer visits gets all the attribution credit, while Google Analytics places total attribution credit on the last touch point, they said.

Clarivoy seeks to "connect the dots" using data from website traffic, plus email, phone and webchat leads. The software tracks the shoppers who fill out a lead form and those who browse anonymously online and issues a monthly report to dealerships.

When Baxter began using the tool, 32 percent of the retailer's CRM data came from sources that weren't helpful in making marketing decisions — walk-ins or drive-by customers, for instance. And 20 percent of the CRM data classified leads as being generated from the Internet — and the dealership group had no way of knowing which paid advertising channel brought those customers to its dealerships' websites.

Using the new tool, Baxter learned that Google searches provided a whopping 142 times more leads for the dealership group than managers had originally thought based on CRM data. Additionally, more leads came in from and Facebook than the dealership group initially thought. In the Clarivoy report, lead generators are ranked by effectiveness....

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Clarivoy today announced that its new product, ShoppersON™, has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 DrivingSales Innovation Cup Award.

BY CEO & Founder Steve White October 10

Columbus, OH (October 10, 2018) - Clarivoy, a pioneer and leader in automotive marketing attribution, today announced that its new product, ShoppersON™, has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 DrivingSales Innovation Cup Award, which annually recognizes the most innovative dealership solutions. Many companies applied, but DrivingSales’ panel of dealer judges could choose only five finalists to compete for the award.

Finalists will compete onstage for the Innovation Cup Award at the 2018 DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES). The event, to be held October 21-23 at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, brings the most progressive automotive dealers in the country together to discuss innovative and effective trends that drive increased sales.

This is the second time in three years Clarivoy has been selected as a finalist and, in 2016, Clarivoy won the DrivingSales Innovation Cup with their proprietary attribution solution.

“I am very proud of our Clarivoy team and delighted we are once again a finalist for the Most Innovative Dealership Solution. Our mission is to provide dealers with the best marketing technology that ensures unified, unbiased business intelligence and superior visibility into their customers and campaigns. ShoppersON takes this one step further,” said Clarivoy CEO Steve White. “In car sales today, the dealership which responds the fastest, in the most relevant way, gains a competitive advantage. Our mantra for the new product is to enable dealers to ‘Lead Different.’ To do this, they need new ways to identify and engage with in-market shoppers and that is what ShoppersON does,” White continued.

For more information, or to sign up for a product demonstration, visit:

About Clarivoy:

Clarivoy is a marketing technology firm specializing in unified, unbiased business intelligence. Their measurement and identity solutions reveal more about their clients’ customers, their advertising and their path to success so they can drive more sales. Clarivoy’s proprietary technology grants marketers superior visibility into their customers and campaigns – across all channels, all devices – online and offline. Armed with this new information, marketers can have certainty and stop guessing what is working and what is not.  READ MORE »

It’s just as important for the mind to get exercise.

BY CEO & Founder Steve White October 03

I am an avid amateur cyclist and, for those of you that don’t know much about cycling, there are different levels for amateurs. In road racing, all male cyclists begin at Category 5. Without going into exactly what moves a cyclist up the ranks, just understand that the lower the category number, the better the cyclist. Category 1 is the highest level. At this point cyclists have proven their abilities and are even invited to ride with the U.S. Olympic Cycling team, to race against the top pros in the world. Category 1 amateurs are considered some of the top cyclists around the globe. Why am I telling this story? Because one of them was me.

Each year, before and during the DrivingSales Executive Summit, DrivingSales and IM@CS organize bike rides and Clarivoy partners up with industry friends including Flick Fusion, Dealer Inspire, Dominion Dealer Solutions and EAutoAppraise to show support. Given my background and love for cycling, I immediately brought Clarivoy in as a sponsor because fitness, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle are vital ingredients to feeling good and performing at your best in real life. These rides provide DSES attendees with an opportunity to do just that.

To achieve Category 1 took a lot of work. I didn’t simply start out racing 120+ miles. It was a process that involved repetition, determination and the desire to improve. It was hard work, but I progressed because I put my mind to it -- determined to succeed. Success took practice. It wasn’t always easy, but I kept pushing myself to get better.

In cycling – and participating in other fitness activities – it’s not just the physical body that needs practice to achieve peak performance. It’s just as important for the mind to get exercise, to push yourself mentally to achieve the highest levels of acuity.

Now, why am I talking about cycling? Well, my story is a great analogy for any business activity. And, tying this over to our automotive industry, especially in marketing (both digital and traditional), there is no way anyone can succeed without pushing themselves to be competitive, constantly learning more to keep up with the trends and new technologies. Failure to do so will simply result in the inability to keep up with the “peloton,” and you will inevitably fall behind.

The DrivingSales Executive Summit is an event held every Fall that allows dealership employees to exercise their minds, stay on top of new technologies and strategies, keep up with the competition and win the race.

Unfortunately, it’s estimated that only 5 percent of dealerships invest in their employees by sending them to these industry events. By simply attending, taking notes, and implementing the strategies learned upon returning to your dealership, you can place yourself at the front of the pack.

At this year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit educational topics include how to hire and retain employees, how to create pay plans and how to build a culture that promotes employee retention, customer engagement and loyalty. Other sessions are focused on fixed operations, including finding talent, retaining service customers and effective marketing for customer acquisition.

The customer experience is extremely important nowadays as a differentiator. There are plenty of sessions where you can learn how to create a better buying experience, make your operations more efficient, increase F&I revenue and dive into the new realm of digital retailing. Of course, branding, mobile, social and video marketing and lead generation are also represented, alongside inventory and pre-owned sessions, search engine optimization and, my favorite, attribution. And let’s not forget the amazing keynotes the DrivingSales team has arranged.

This conference presents a fantastic opportunity for dealership employees to not only learn from industry experts, but also from their peers within the automotive industry. And, just like the title of this blog, which is a quote from the famous American journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson, it presents an opportunity to exercise your brain, learn how to improve and how to then continue that forward momentum to keep your dealership both in the race and winning it.

If you’re attending this year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit, I will be presenting a session that teaches six insights into how to sell more, spend less and beat your competition in this very competitive automotive industry.

I invite you to attend my session, Monday, October 22 at 10:00am, at the DrivingSales Executive Summit, October 21-23, 2018.

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