Identity Resolution

Attribution API

Clarivoy powers better connections by turning the unknown to known and providing an identity bridge to ad platforms and partners.


  • Since its inception, Clarivoy’s innovative agility has produced results that consistently outperform the most renowned names in the Identity Resolution space.
  • Our technology accurately creates linkages between datasets and signals delivering unparalleled match rates that confound our larger competitors.


  • We believe less is more in identity resolution. Accuracy is paramount.
  • We believe identity resolution is not a function of the size of your identity graph but more a function of finding new and meaningful identity data signals to better resolve identities.

Omni ID Graph™

At the center of Clarivoy’s Identity Resolution capabilities is our Omni ID Graph™, an identity graph purpose-built for automotive.

Clarivoy’s Omni ID Graph™ consists of Omni-Channel Consumer IDs (OCID) that enable multi-channel identification, targeting, and measurement at the individual level with just one ID. Every OCID is then assigned to an Omni-Channel Household ID (OHID) to further enhance household identification, targeting, and measurement. Our Omni IDs are cookieless IDs designed to enable multi-channel activation and measurement and provide a bridge between a company’s and client’s internal identity graph.

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