Native Google Analytics Integration

Native Google Analytics Integration

Evaluate the true cost per engagement and cost per lead using Clarivoy’s proprietary Multi-Touch Attribution models in place of Google’s last-click attribution, and view your website traffic through our Attribution Channels – specifically created for auto dealers.


Clarivoy’s Native Google Analytics Integration classifies data more logically and accurately using our Attribution Channels, specifically created for auto dealers so you can easily track the performance of marketing investments every day through on-demand Google Analytics reporting.


  • Applies cost data from all digital marketing investments (, AutoTrader, Display, Video, Facebook, etc.) within Google Analytics to evaluate performance with each publisher
  • Evaluates the true cost per engagement and cost per lead by embedding Clarivoy’s proprietary Multi-Touch Attribution model directly into Google Analytics so you no longer need to rely on Google’s last click attribution
  • Fractionalizes credit across all touchpoints using Clarivoy’s proprietary attribution model ensuring all traffic driving sources receive proper credit​
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