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Web Traffic Attribution Free Terms & Conditions

Web Traffic Attribution Free Terms & Conditions


Clarivoy will provide the following as part of Web Traffic Attribution Free Version (the “Services” or “WTA Free”). By registering for the Services, you (also referred to as “Customer”) agree on behalf of your business to the following terms and conditions.

The Services is a one-time implementation at the Account level in the Google Analytics accounts using a Clarivoy-provided login. Clarivoy will provide one (1) username and password per dealership group to access WTA Free. Customer must provide Clarivoy with ‘Manage users’ and ‘Edit’ access at the Account level of their Google Analytics account.

  1. Clarivoy Automotive Channels. Implementation of the Clarivoy Automotive Channels (“CAC”) is a native integration within Google Analytics that will classify the data more logically and accurately for auto dealers by providing an automotive-specific method to organizing website traffic.
  2. Clarivoy Multi-Touch Attribution Model. Implementation of Clarivoy’s proprietary Multi-Touch Attribution Model (“MTA Model”) is a native integration feature under the Model Comparison Tool section of Google Analytics. Clarivoy will license its proprietary MTA Model for the Term of this Service Order.


In addition to the disclaimers set forth in Clarivoy’s Governing Terms and Conditions (see Section 4 below), Clarivoy provides the Services “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE.” Customer understands and agrees that changes made by Google to its Google Analytics platform may change or affect the functionality of the Service. If the changes materially affect the Services, either Party discontinue the Services without liability. Clarivoy disclaims all warranties whether express or implied, including without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, accuracy, or fitness or a particular purpose.


Clarivoy will provide this free Service at their discretion and reserves the right to discontinue at any time. Clarivoy will provide one (1) username and password per dealership group to access WTA Free. Additional logins for individual dealerships are $19/month per login. Customers also reserve the right to request discontinuation of the Service at any time or to upgrade their to Clarivoy’s Web Traffic Attribution Pro solution.


These terms are governed by the Clarivoy Services Terms and Conditions found at http://legal.clarivoy.com (“Terms and Conditions”), which is hereby incorporated by reference in these Terms & Conditions.


  1. As part of the Services being Free, the Customer agrees to add a Clarivoy Tracking Code to their website(s). Details on obtaining and installing the Clarivoy Tracking code can be found in the WTA FAQ, located on the Clarivoy website <insert link to WTA FAQ when available>.
  2. Data Use. Customer grants Clarivoy the right to use aggregate data that does not identify any customer or end user for research, delivery of Services, and for marketing purposes.
  3. Additional Customizations. Additional customization is not available for the standard Services, but may be available for an additional fee by contacting Clarivoy.
  4. These terms have the same force and effect as an agreement signed in writing.

Updated 9.11.17