Here's what our clients are saying:

“The truth in data is eye-opening! We now have the tools and the confidence to make accurate decisions.”

Sean McLean, Travers Automotive Group

“The Holy Grail of marketing is finally within reach! Clarivoy is providing today’s marketers with unparalleled insights on how their marketing channels are not just converting but producing profit. Clarivoy is truly on the path to end John Wanamaker’s age old truism – “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
Sean McKannay, CIO, Dick Hannah Dealerships

"Using Clarivoy’s Sales Attribution Dashboard, I know what areas are working. Now I can talk to our agency and discuss changes to our campaigns."
Brad Turner, GM Audi of Omaha, Baxter Auto

“Knowing the truth about the source of our sales has been extremely valuable for our business. We’ve made different decisions and arrived at different conclusions than we would have otherwise."
Julia Doria, Chief Marketing Officer, Baxter Auto

“We know which vendors are offering the best ROI for our store. This data helps in our discussions with our vendors to determine the best course of action to improve results.”

Tyler Holt, Friendly Kia

“The old saying about knowing ‘which half of my advertising is working’ has met its maker. We now know much more about the effectiveness of our digital advertising by tying-in actual customer contact and sales in a connect-the-dots manner. Key performance indicators still have their place – but properly executed attribution trump’s KPI’s.”
Dana Pratt, Bill Marsh Auto Group

“With Clarivoy’s TV Analytics we know that the highest-priced broadcast station was, in fact, just the highest priced. It was driving home brand messages, but not converting shoppers.”
Joe Gastler, Four Columns/Jim Turner Chevrolet

“Clarivoy gives me more insight into my data. This helps me to better test and compare new vendors in order to see which ones can move the needle for my dealerships!”
Jesse Walker, Ken Page Auto Group

“With Clarivoy, we know rather than speculate. Some surprisingly effective vendors have gained additional spend, whereas vendors who don’t share data are at a disadvantage when it comes to gaining and keeping a place in our marketing plan.”
Chad Chapman, Johnson Automotive

“I have to say ‘no,’ a lot and Clarivoy’s empirical data means I can say ‘no’ with certainty, which is great. It helped me spend less.”

Geno Walsh, Qvale Auto Group