Don't just look at leads.

CRMs weren't designed to measure advertising effectiveness.
It's time to upgrade your analytics because ~95% of car shoppers don't submit leads.


Clarivoy can independently and agnostically measure the role CarSoup played in the shopping journey of your customers.

Unbiased Reporting

We don't sell media. We just measure everyone and everything.

Marketplace Tracking Code

Only Clarivoy has its tracking code on every major marketplace website in the U.S. and Canada.

Anonymous Attribution

No Lead? No Problem. And, no more digital blind spots. We connect anonymous shoppers to the sale so you can see the entire purchase path and everything that influenced a sale.

Not Google Analytics

Google Analytics is insightful, but it doesn’t track sales. We do, and so much more.

Cookieless Measurement

We utilize cookieless tracking to avoid the potholes with the deprecation of third-party cookies.


Quick and easy CRM integrations make it a breeze to get started.