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Discover the dealership marketing cloud used by modern marketers like you.

Measure & connect

From insight to impact

Elevate your insights and decision-making with precision attribution that sets the industry standard.

Consumer Purchase Journeys

We map the entire purchase journey of your customer from first touch to last, and all the events in between.

Anonymous Attribution

No Lead? No Problem. And, no more digital blind spots. We connect anonymous shoppers to the sale so you can see the entire purchase path and everything that influenced a sale.

130+ Million Active Shoppers

Tracking the path of nearly every North American shopper from discovery to conversion, unlock invaluable insights into every step of their journey.

Not Google Analytics

Google Analytics is insightful, but it doesn’t track sales. We do, and so much more.

Authenticated iD™

Enrich every CRM/DMS record with cookieless IDs, we call AuthenticatediD's.

Independent, Unbiased Reporting

Clarivoy doesn’t have a horse in the race. We don’t sell advertising to dealers, so we can remain unbiased in our measurement.

We make it easy to track it all.

Clarivoy provides a single, complete view of how people buy cars and where to get the next sale.

Advanced tracking

Harness advanced tracking capabilities that redefine precision, empowering you to navigate the intricacies of user journeys with unparalleled accuracy.

In-depth monitoring

Dive deep into success with our attribution expertise. Sharpen your understanding, refine strategies, and make data-driven decisions with confidence as you navigate the complexities of attribution effortlessly.

We’re not going to claim our platform makes you clairvoyant, but it gets you close.

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I have to say ‘no,’ a lot and Clarivoy’s empirical data means I can say ‘no’ with certainty, which is great. It helped me spend less."




“The holy grail of marketing is finally within reach! Clarivoy is providing today’s marketers with unparalleled insights on how their marketing channels are not just converting but producing profit. Clarivoy is truly on the path to end john wanamaker’s age old truism – half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”


Working with Clarivoy has allowed us to significantly lower our cost-per-sale for all things digital...



Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution Solution Work?

Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution Dashboard allows our clients to view a consumer’s full purchase path, sorting and ranking the true influence of each channel’s contribution – paid search, display, email, third party auto, organic search, social, cross family, video, Tier 1 and Tier 2.

What is fractionalization within Multi-Touch Attribution?

We distribute credit across all touchpoints ensuring every source that influenced a sale receives proper credit​.

Why should I use Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution solution?

Because we aren’t an automotive digital marketing agency, we can provide independent, unbiased analytics. We don’t have any skin in the game with regards to which channels come out ahead.

What is a touchpoint?

A touchpoint refers to a customer interaction with a marketing effort, such as receiving a direct mail, opening an email, or viewing a CTV/OTT ad, regardless of their response.

What is Multi-Touch Attribution?

Multi-touch attribution is a method used in marketing to evaluate the impact of each touchpoint in a customer's journey on the eventual outcome, such as a sale or conversion. Unlike single-touch attribution models that credit a single touchpoint (like the first or last interaction) for the conversion, multi-touch attribution recognizes that multiple interactions across different channels and at different times contribute to the sale or conversion. Clarivoy utilizes the following MTA models: Parabolic, Binomial and Even (Linear) Attribution.

What data do I to share with Clarivoy to optimize my results?

To create the most comprehensive consumer purchase journeys to enable actionable insights, we recommend using the following sources: Sales Records, Chat Records, Inbound Phone Call Logs, Third Party Auto Leads, Website Lead Forms, Digital Marketing (Paid Search, Social and Display), Email Reports, Direct Mail Marketing, CRM Data in tandem with Clarivoy's website tracking code and Automotive Identity Graph.

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