January 30, 2024

Clarivoy Launches Free Product for "Walk-in" Attribution

Ad tech company solves the automotive industry's blind spot of leads-only measurement to set a new standard for evaluating marketing performance.

Clarivoy Launches Free Product for "Walk-in" Attribution

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The ad tech company Clarivoy has launched a free marketing attribution product to target a lofty goal: to make advanced attribution available to the masses. The free offer challenges traditional, leads-only measurement with an updated cost-per-sale metric. Clarivoy aims to set a new standard in measurement for auto marketers.

The free product is part of Clarivoy's attribution platform and will allow marketers to see the total influence of a single marketing source using a more robust cost-per-sale metric, explained Founder and CEO, Steve White. "Source" refers to any marketing source, such as Google, Autotrader, CarGurus, Facebook, etc.

Evaluating performance based on a cost per sale certainly isn't new. However, what is new about Clarivoy's cost-per-sale metric is its unique ability to calculate this metric based on all shoppers, not just those who submit leads. These shoppers most likely were labeled as "walk-in" in a dealer's CRM.

"Once advertisers see the difference in a multi-touch attribution product, one that measures everything that influenced a sale, they will no longer accept the decades-old vanity metrics like cost per click, click-through rate, cost per lead or cost per engagement," stated White. And dealers will finally know where their "walk-ins" were before they walked in.

Clarivoy is well-positioned to offer this service since it tracks more automotive shoppers than anyone else. With its code on all major automotive marketplace sites, Clarivoy can connect this shopper data to the dealer's website, CRM, and sales data to create a more comprehensive view of the consumer purchase journey.

To sign up for the free product, dealers can go to

About Clarivoy

Every month, Clarivoy identifies and observes more than 131 million automotive shopping sessions, revealing the most comprehensive view of a consumer's purchase journey. With this proprietary and foundational dataset and our nimble first-party audience management software, Clarivoy empowers performance marketers to measure, understand, and connect their data.

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