Multi-Touch Attribution

Discover what works

Are you continually writing large checks for your marketing and wondering if you'll ever see a return on investment?

Stop wondering and start knowing.


Increase Efficiency

Decrease spend,
advertise more efficiently.


Find Opportunities

Test solutions,
validate results.


Create More Sales

Increase spend,
increase sales.

Our Multi-touch Sales Attribution software allows dealers to figure out exactly which marketing efforts are pulling their weight, and which aren't. We go beyond baseline products that talk about "first-click" and "last-click" and focus on user-level attribution. See the WHOLE path your buyer took before purchase–first, last, and all the in between. This means we can see which combinations of marketing campaigns, 3rd party websites, social media ads, display ads, emails, paid search ads, and pages on your website convinced your buyers to choose you.


Know your ROI for:

  • Edmunds
  • Google Ads
  • Email campaigns
  • CarGurus
  • Dealership website
  • Social media posts
  • Facebook ad campaigns
  • Display campaigns
  • Autotrader
  • TrueCar
  • Autobytel
  • Kelly Blue Book
  • CarSoup
  • Organic traffic
  • and more!

Now when someone buys a car and says they found out about your dealership "from the internet," you'll be able to track exactly which internet marketing efforts gave you a return on that investment. Stop wasting money not knowing, and discover what works. Schedule your demo today.

Still not convinced? Don't just take our word for it. Using our Multi-touch Sales Attribution software, Ron Marhofer Auto Family reduced their monthly marketing package by 10%, saving them $100,000 ANNUALLY. Get a better sense of what we could do for you. View all case studies >