80% of a dealership’s sales cannot be linked back to a Lead. New Tools for Marketing Vendors Solve this Problem.

October 16

Columbus, OH, October 17, 2017– Clarivoy, the auto industry’s most trusted source of truth for optimizing the performance of marketing campaigns, today announced the launch of its Measurement NetworkTM. Designed specifically for marketing vendors to help them “prove their results,” vendors who join Clarivoy’s Measurement Network can now demonstrate to their clients a commitment to supplying accurate, unbiased attribution results, independently verified by the auto industry’s leading marketing attribution provider. Clarivoy provides these results to Network members by utilizing its Anonymous Attribution customer identification tools and unbiased Multi-Touch Attribution algorithms, delivered through API’s that integrate data directly into vendor dashboards.

As the automotive industry’s recognized leader at helping auto dealers “discover what works,” Clarivoy is now helping marketing vendors “prove what works” to their customers. Dealer Inspire, an award-winning website developer, digital marketing strategy and implementation company that creates sustainable platforms to enhance and promote the sales process and customer experience, is the first marketing vendor to join Clarivoy’s Measurement Network and integrate Clarivoy’s Attribution APITM solution. Their dealers now have ROI insight for sales from verified website leads, as well as the missing piece: anonymous online shoppers.

“This is truly an exciting announcement as two of the industry’s most progressive analytics companies have created a partnership to push the envelope even further,” said Dealer Inspire CEO, Joe Chura. “We built Roxanne℠, our proprietary, patent-pending event tracking technology, to bring dealers true ROI for their website and marketing efforts. Partnering with Clarivoy takes that insight to the next level by connecting sales to anonymous shoppers. Filling in these gaps from customers who didn’t submit a website lead will give our dealer partners unprecedented visibility into how their digital marketing is generating sales,” Chura continued.

According to Google, only 20% of a dealership’s sales can be linked back to a lead. But what happens to the other 80%? Auto dealers utilizing  ‘Roxanne’ to attribute sales back to leads on a website now have Clarivoy’s attribution technology which provides visibility into the 80% of customers who chose to remain anonymous online.

“As form submissions become increasingly rare, ‘walk-in’ traffic has mysteriously increased because so many customers choose to shop anonymously and withhold their information.  Up until now, dealers lacked visibility into these anonymous shoppers,” said Clarivoy CEO Steve White. “Clarivoy solves this problem by tagging a vendor’s website, ingesting their sales data and ‘converting cookies into customers.’ Once we are 100 percent sure we have a match, the data is rolled up and displayed in the vendor’s dashboard,” White added.

Dealer Inspire is looking for a limited number of innovative dealers to pilot this new capability. Go to http://clarivoy.com/dealerinspire to sign-up.

Marketing Vendors interested in joining Clarivoy’s Measurement Network should contact Ben Hadley, VP of Strategy at ben@clarivoy.com.

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About Dealer Inspire

Dealer Inspire is an innovative and award-winning website development SAAS company specializing in the automotive retail industry. Founded in 2012, Dealer Inspire is focused on creating more than websites, but rather sustainable platforms to enhance and promote the sales process and customer experience. The Dealer Inspire products are comprised of a next gen website platform, AI powered messaging/chat software, digital retailing and dynamic advertising software.

Dealer Inspire has been selected as the certified website and digital advertising provider for their retailers by 17 of the world’s leading automotive brands and works with thousands of clients across U.S., Canada and Mexico.


About Clarivoy:

Clarivoy is the auto industry’s most trusted source of truth for optimizing the performance of marketing campaigns. Their Multi-Touch Attribution solutions reveal more about their clients’ customers, their advertising and their path to success so they can drive more sales. The company’s proprietary TV Analytics solution was named the winner of the 2016 DrivingSales Innovation Cup Award for the Most Innovative Dealership Solution of 2016. Clarivoy’s proprietary technology grants marketers incomparable visibility into their customers and campaigns – across all channels, all devices – online and offline. Armed with this new information, marketers can stop guessing and start knowing what is working and what is not.