Multi-Touch Sales Attribution

Multi-Touch Attribution

Our interactive Multi-Touch Sales Attribution dashboard utilizes proprietary attribution algorithms and Anonymous Attribution so you can see the true influence of each of your marketing channels beyond last-click.


Beyond baseline products like first-click and last-click attribution, Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution dashboard is uniquely focused on user-level attribution, allowing Clarivoy to identify the purchase paths of even anonymous shoppers across all devices – online and offline – to sort and rank the influence of each channel’s contribution – paid search, display ads, email, third party websites, organic search, social, and brand website.


  • Integrates multiple traffic and sales data sources to provide the most accurate, unbiased view of marketing measurement results the industry offers
  • Holds vendors accountable for their performance by measuring what really matters – what’s driving sales, not just clicks
  • Online dashboard provides easy to read monthly updates so dealers can quickly and easily see which marketing channels are performing and which aren’t
  • Anonymous Attribution feature uses proprietary technology to identify and aggregate the online and offline purchase paths of buyers who choose to remain anonymous by matching a buyer to their devices, access methods, and sessions they used to shop for their vehicle
  • Tracks consumers across multiple devices and mediums to unearth which combination of the marketing mix contributed to sales
Multi-touch Attribution
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