March 23, 2018

DriveItNow Joins Clarivoy's Measurement Network

DriveItNow to use Clarivoy's new Attribution Software to provide unbiased sales analytics to its automotive industry clients

DriveItNow Joins Clarivoy's Measurement Network

CINCINNATI, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DriveItNow, a leader in automotive marketing and digital retailing technology, is pleased to announce it has joined Clarivoy‘s Measurement Network to provide DriveItNow’s clients with the most unbiased and accurate measurement of its marketing products and services.

Designed specifically to help marketing agencies and vendors “prove their results”, companies who join Clarivoy’s Measurement Network can demonstrate to their clients a commitment to supplying accurate, unbiased attribution results, independently verified by the auto industry’s leading marketing attribution provider.

DriveItNow will provide its customers with certified results using Clarivoy’s recently launched Attribution API. The new software uses “Any-Touch” attribution to ensure the correct marketing source(s) receive credit during the customer’s purchase journey. Whether first, last, or somewhere in the middle, Any-Touch attribution makes sure proper credit is attributed to those marketing sources which influenced the customer’s vehicle purchase.

“Sharing Clarivoy’s analytics ensures our goals are aligned with our clients,” says Tarry Shebesta, President of DriveItNow.  “Dealers can trust the reporting accuracy and hold us accountable for our ROI performance.”

According to Steve White, Clarivoy CEO, “Our attribution partners are recognized as the most progressive and innovative marketing vendors in the automotive industry. Dealers know that Measurement Network members are committed to providing them with unbiased, accurate results.”

Using Clarivoy, DriveItNow clients can verify the number of vehicle sales DriveItNow is responsible for influencing. Clarivoy’s Identity Graph fuels the new API technology that matches even anonymous shoppers to multiple devices across multiple channels.

“Marketers who are trying to build their own complex attribution models to track leads or website traffic are fighting the wrong battle,” notes Shebesta. “A marketer’s goal should always be to drive new, incremental revenue that is validated through an independent, third-party sales attribution source, like Clarivoy.”