For the first time auto dealers can have total certainty how many vehicles AdWords sells

COLUMBUS November 09

Columbus, OH (November 9, 2016) Clarivoy today announced the native integration of its industry-leading Multi-Touch Sales Attribution solution into Google AdWords. The integration includes its proprietary Anonymous Attribution technology, which identifies the online and offline purchase paths of buyers who choose to remain anonymous, ensuring a large percentage of all sales are properly attributed to specific keyword, YouTube and display campaigns.

Dealerships currently piloting the native integration have seen impressive results. In fact, according to Alan Krutsch, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce at Apple Autos, Clarivoy was able to identify $2.2 million of previously unattributable monthly sales for his dealership, providing a much more transparent view of which ads really contributed to sales, “As dealers we spend all of this money on marketing tactics and not enough energy and money on analysis and insight. This new integration enables us to make smarter decisions based on facts and data. As marketers we need to optimize campaigns based on data that is flowing through AdWords or our bid management platform. The native integration of Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution solution into AdWords gives us vital insight and certainty on what is working — and that’s priceless,” said Krutsch.

​According to Clarivoy CEO Steve White, Clarivoy’s native integration into Google AdWords allows dealers to optimize their AdWords campaigns based on actual sales data – not vanity metrics. “There is a total disconnect. Many dealers think AdWords is working for them. However, they only know half of the story with clicks and don’t truly know what sales can be attributed to their campaigns. And even those that have taken on the arduous task of matching buyers to their AdWords tracking codes are extremely disappointed with the low amount of sales they can identify, since a large percent of buyers never self-identify in their buying journey. Now, for the first time ever, auto dealers will know how many vehicles AdWords sold for them in any given month,” White stated.

Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution platform uses proprietary attribution algorithms that help marketers discover what’s really driving sales. It is uniquely focused on user-level attribution, allowing clients to transparently view a consumer’s full purchase path, sorting and ranking the influence of each channel’s contribution – paid search, display ads, TV, email, third party websites, organic search, social, and brand website.

The new integration into Google AdWords collects and pairs all AdWords clicks and calls to the appropriate vehicle buyer while fractionalizing the credit within AdWords, ensuring no over-attribution to any one keyword, campaign or ad group. Designed for ease of use, all dealers need to do is install Clarivoy’s simple tracking code and provide DMS access to sales.

Clarivoy’s native integration into Google AdWords will be unveiled at the upcoming Kain Automotive Clients & Friends Digital Success WorkshopNovember 15th- 17th at the 21c Museum Hotel, Lexington, KY.

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About Clarivoy

Clarivoy is the auto industry’s leading provider of multi-touch sales attribution and advanced digital targeting tools. Their solutions reveal more about their clients’ customers, their advertising and their path to success so they can drive more sales.  Clarivoy’s proprietary technology grants marketers incomparable visibility into their customers and campaigns – across all channels, all devices – online and offline.  Armed with this new information, marketers can stop guessing and start knowing what is working and what is not.