The archiver provides long-term storage of Google data so that dealerships don’t lose vital marketing data


Columbus, Ohio (March 31, 2016) – Clarivoy, a marketing technology company, today announced its offering of the Google Search Console archiver. The archiver is a service Clarivoy developed to provide long-term storage for Google Search Console data via Google’s Application Program Interface (API), allowing auto dealers to easily retrieve this data for their own analytics purposes without having to do any programming or data management.

A company’s Google Search Console provides a powerful view into the level of market awareness inherent to a company’s brand over time. However, Google only retains Search Console data for a rolling 90 days, and recommends archiving the data as a best practice.

Auto dealerships may sign up for the free archiver service during the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) conference. Clarivoy is located at booth 3650c. Interested dealerships may also sign up by visiting

With a focus on attribution and analytics, data is of paramount importance to Clarivoy. Dealers now have an opportunity store their data, free of charge, so that they can analyze it and use the insights gained to optimize their marketing.

“It just makes sense that we would offer this service to auto dealers, who comprise 90% of our clients,” said Clarivoy CEO Steve White. “We put their data to work, by transforming it into analytics, and analytics into intelligence. A dealer’s data knows why its customers buy. We know the data. So having all of the data…matters,” concluded White.

Clarivoy is the nation’s leading marketing technology firm specializing in unified, unbiased business intelligence, which articulates buyer insights, adapts advertising through accountability, accelerates sales and amplifies results.  We leverage customer data so dealers can know their consumers better, do more with their marketing, and generate more sales.