"Clarivoy’s interesting concept catches my attention amidst a sea of marketing tech awash with jargon."

columbus March 22

By Jay Donovan (@getdonovan)

As lucrative as they may be, I normally find ad tech/marketing tech companies to be pretty boring. However, Clarivoy’s interesting concept catches my attention amidst a sea of marketing tech awash with jargon. The Columbus, OH startup recently closed a $1.37 million funding round in December led by Rev1 Ventures. This accompanies their $750,000 loan from the Innovation Ohio Loan Fund.

As an attribution platform, Clarivoy aims to connect the dots between offline ads (like those on television), the multi-channel digital identities of consumers watching offline ads (e.g. who they  are on social media, email and other digital properties) and finally the subsequent online and offline purchases that take place afterward.

In other words, if you buy something at a particular store, Clarivoy can tell the likelihood that a TV advertisement caused you to buy it. You might be asking yourself “how is this possible?” I asked the same thing.

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