Many companies applied, but DrivingSales’ panel of dealer judges could choose only five finalists to compete for the award.

COLUMBUS October 17

Columbus, OH (October 18, 2016) Clarivoy, the automotive industry’s leading provider of multi-touch sales attribution, today announced that the company’s proprietary TV Analytics solution has been selected as a finalist for the eighth annual DrivingSales Innovation Cup Award, which recognizes the most innovative dealership solutions of 2016. Many companies applied, but DrivingSales’ panel of dealer judges could choose only five finalists to compete for the award.

Finalists will compete onstage for the Innovation Cup Award at the 2016 DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES). The event, to be held at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, brings the most progressive automotive dealers in the country together to discuss innovative and effective trends that can drive increased sales.

Clarivoy’s proprietary TV Analytics solution stringently maps online traffic to TV ads, matching advertising spot data with website visitors granting advertisers a transparent snapshot of which TV ads truly influence sales.

Dealers who used TV Analytics were able to make data-driven decisions for their media buys that helped decrease their cost per website visitor as much as 2X. TV Analytics also provided the visibility one auto dealer group needed to intelligently broaden their cable reach, maximize the investment they make in TV, reallocate more spend (16%) to cable and reduce their cost per website visitor by 62 percent.

Agencies also greatly benefit from this solution. In fact, by combining TV Analytics data with cost information, one agency shifted their investment in underperforming spots to local insertion and upgraded other national inventory to higher converting and more socially active networks. As a result they achieved a 40 percent lift in their schedule’s performance.

Clarivoy’s intuitive TV Analytics dashboard lets dealers quickly visualize the impact of their advertising:

  • Identifies which networks, programs, creatives and dayparts convert potential consumers into buyers.
  • Optimizes cost per response by identifying the most efficient website traffic drivers.
  • Uses adaptive data learning analytics that evaluate a trailing 12-month media buy to calculate net profit and cost per resource, illustrating which campaigns are phenomenal, which are flat and which are failing.
  • Powered by a proprietary graph model, the solution extracts “important influences” from hundreds of spots and months of data, assigning true proportional credit.

“I am extremely proud of our team at Clarivoy and delighted that dealers have chosen our proprietary TV Analytics solution as a finalist for Most Innovative Dealership Solution. Today’s market is so competitive that when it comes to understanding the results of their advertising, dealers can’t afford to guess anymore,” said Clarivoy CEO Steve White.

“In order to efficiently manage their budgets and get the most impact and ROI, it is vital that dealers know the real results of their ad spend and not rely on last click attribution. TV Analytics allows us to connect offline and online activity making this solution a great addition to our suite of multi-touch sales attribution tools. I am very excited by the results our advertising agency partners and top dealers such as Germain Motor Company and the Andy Mohr Auto Group are seeing as a result,” White added.

White has also been chosen as a speaker at the summit. His session, titled “Tools for the Advanced Dealer Marketer: From Free to Fantastic” will focus on helping marketers understand the spectrum of tools available (from free to fantastic) to measure the results of their online and offline advertising along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Attendees will also learn how to use free or low cost tools to get some of the same data that the “fantastic” tools provide and how to move beyond the first layer of “vanity” metrics to discover data that will really drive their business.

Dealers can receive a $100 discount off current registration rates by visiting

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Clarivoy is the auto industry’s leading provider of multi-touch sales attribution and advanced digital targeting tools. Their solutions reveal more about their clients’ customers, their advertising and their path to success so they can drive more sales.  Clarivoy’s proprietary technology grants marketers incomparable visibility into their customers and campaigns – across all channels, all devices – online and offline.  Armed with this new information, marketers can stop guessing and start knowing what is working and what is not.