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Clarivoy Multi-Touch Sales Attribution Online Order Form

Clarivoy Signup Form
Sign up for three (3) months of Independent Multi-Touch Sales Attribution utilizing the Clarivoy platform starting next month at $995/month per rooftop for 90 days, and continue on a month to month basis going forward.
Dealer/Dealer Group (hereafter “Dealer”) is entering into an agreement with Clarivoy, Inc. to subscribe to Clarivoy’s Multi-Touch Sales Attribution Service where Clarivoy will match new and used vehicle sales to online and offline buyer purchase journeys for the Data Inputs defined below. Clarivoy will utilize its proprietary attribution methodology to identify the advertising sources that influenced vehicle sales. Clarivoy will provide monthly reporting via an online dashboard for the Data Inputs that were matched to the monthly vehicle sales. Customer agrees to provide the following Data Inputs: (1) website traffic, (2) sales records, (3) CRM leads, (4) phone logs and (5) chat logs (collectively, “the Data Inputs”), and Customer agrees to add Clarivoy’s tracking code to your website(s). This Order Form is governed by the Clarivoy Master Services Terms and Conditions as of the date of your submission of this form and is hereby incorporated by reference in this Order Form. In the event of a discrepancy between this Order Form and Clarivoy Master Services Terms and Conditions, the terms of this Order Form shall prevail. Monthly invoices will be sent to the Dealer based upon the fees outlined above. Invoices are payable in full in U.S. dollars within thirty (30) days following the date of the invoice.
If there are multiple domains and/or rooftops, please separate them with a comma.
Add-on product option: Retargeting for Meta. Creates a cookieless retargeting identity for Customer’s first-party website shoppers to use on Facebook and/or Instagram. Clarivoy will create cookieless, custom retargeting audiences and share the audience to the selected Meta ad account – one audience per domain. Customer must add Clarivoy tracking code on participating domains. Clarivoy will update the custom retargeting audience on a weekly basis and utilize up to a rolling 60-day lookback window. The fee for Retargeting for Meta is $299 per month per domain.
If there are multiple domains and/or rooftops, please separate them with a comma.